Danielle posted on Twitter
wearing this EXACT dress from pinkboutique

Danielle posted on Twitter

wearing this EXACT dress from pinkboutique

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ruineer said: Where is the dress/playsuit, she is wearing, in her new instagram pic from ?

Which picture are you talking about?
You can submit it:)

Sunday Aug 31 5pm  


Anonymous said: hello im not sure if ur busy but i need advice. this may sound alarming, but i started talking to this guy on omegle and kik and we recently started skype-ing. i live west coast he lives east coast but we get along well. would it be insane to slowly develop feelings for him?

If you develop feelings you can’t really change how you feel
It isn’t really crazy if you two both talk a lot and you know a lot about him
But with not having met the person you should be careful(even if you knew that already)
Hope that helpsXx

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queen--rose said: Hii cutie! Could you let your followers know about my blog? Rock/grunge/punk/indie fashion/make-up/hair/nail posts, helpful advice and more stuff. Thanks xx


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alittlemixstyleworld said: Hi love, we're a new Little Mix style blog and we were wondering if you could let your followers know? It's so much more fun if there's people actually following you and messaging you. Or maybe you can give some advice? It would mean the world. I understand if you can't though. Have a lovely day and thanks anyways.

Please go follow:)
Advice would be to post regularly and be nice to all your followers and your account will grow and you’ll have a bunch of followers in no time!!

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Anonymous said: Do you read any 1D fanfics? If so, what are some of your favorites? Xx.

Dark is of course a favourite
You again, the lost boy and it started with a tweet by messedupbun are all amazing
That’s all that I can think of right now :)

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Anonymous said: Hii! :) I really love your theme!! <3 its so puurrrtttyyyy x

Thank you!!!!!-maria❤️

Thursday Feb 13 9pm  


 EXACT top from Topshop.

 EXACT top from Topshop.

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 EXACT tee from Jawbreaking

 EXACT tee from Jawbreaking

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Danielle wearing
 EXACT top from Jawbreaking.

Danielle wearing

 EXACT top from Jawbreaking.

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